Iyrs' fee is dynamic and depends on several parameters.

Fees are computed as follows:

irys_fee(X = number of bytes) =
arweave_cost(max(X, 10000)) *
conversion_rate("AR", token) *
global_multiplier *
  • arweave_cost is cost of storing X number of bytes on Arweave using linear pricing (i.e. ignoring minimum chunk size). e.g. if arweave_cost(256KB) = $2.56 then arweave_cost(1KB) = $0.01
  • conversion_rate is the conversion rate between AR and some other token (e.g. MATIC). This allows users to pay the same fees in different currencies.
  • global_multiplier is a multiplier applied to all transactions which can be seen as a “profit margin”.
  • oracle_fee is a risk multiplier which accounts for cost of treasury management and asset volatility.

Free uploads

Uploads below 100 KiB are free on Node 2. This is a public good for users to be encouraged to try Irys. Uploads are rate-limited to 600 transactions per minute, with upload counts resetting every minute.

If you upload more than 600 transactions within a minute and have a funded balance on Node 2 that balance will be used to pay for the transaction. If you don't have a balance, then you'll get a 402 - Free transaction limit exceeded, funds required error.