Upload events

Upload events

The uploader emits three events during each upload. These can be subscribed to for any use case when tracking upload progress is needed.

  • `chunkUpload``: Emitted whenever a chunk is uploaded.
  • `chunkError``: Emitted whenever a chunk upload fails. Due to internal retry logic, these errors can most likely be ignored as long as the upload doesn't error overall.
  • `done``: Emitted when the upload completes.
uploader.on("chunkUpload", (chunkInfo) => {
		`Uploaded Chunk number ${}, offset of ${chunkInfo.offset}, size ${chunkInfo.size} Bytes, with a total of ${chunkInfo.totalUploaded} bytes uploaded.`,
uploader.on("chunkError", (e) => {
	console.error(`Error uploading chunk number ${} - ${e.res.statusText}`);
uploader.on("done", (finishRes) => {
	console.log(`Upload completed with ID ${}`);