Use our SDK and start storing data permanently with 3 lines of code.

const irys = new Irys({ network, token, key });
const fundTx = await;
const receipt = await irys.uploadFile("./myImage.png");



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Irys 101

  • Permanent data

    Permanent and immutable storage on Arweave via Irys

  • Strong provenance

    Cryptographically guaranteed provenance, millisecond accurate timestamps

  • Bundles

    Scaling Arweave by grouping transactions

  • Gateways

    Gateways are responsible for indexing, serving, and making data available to users

  • Receipts

    Receipts give you cryptographic proof of the exact time a transaction occurred

  • Optimistic cache

    Optimistic caching makes your uploads instantly available

  • Funding and withdrawing

    Understand what happens each step of the way when transferring tokens to or from a node

  • Transaction lifecycle

    Understand each step of the process as a transaction is processed by Irys

  • Irys and Arweave

    Irys makes Arweave easier to use

  • Volumetric scaling

    Irys scales to over 50,000 TPS

  • UDL and builders

    Understand unique opportunities the UDL opens up for builders