About Irys

About Irys

Irys is the only provenance layer. It enables users to scale permanent data and precisely attribute its origin.

A provenance layer is a ledger of record for digital information, tracking the origins and modifications of data.

Data uploaded to Irys is permanent, precise, and unconstrained.

  • Permanent

    Data stored on Irys is censorship-resistant and immutable, forever. There's no counterparty risk of data being removed.

  • Precise

    Each piece of data is timestamped with a high-precision timestamp, providing a reliable sequence of events.

  • Unconstrained

    Users can always read, write, and easily discover data at any scale, making the data fully composable. Irys is permissionless and offers limitless permanent data, enabling it to provide provenance for all information.

All uploads to Irys are verifiable. After uploading data, you’re given a receipt that can be used by anyone to verify the data’s provenance at any time.

Building with Irys

Irys' developer tools make it easy to add permanent data with strong provenance to your projects.