Developer FAQ

Developer FAQ

What is the difference between Node 1 and 2.

Node 2 is ideal for early-stage projects, while larger projects typically prefer Node 1 as it can scale to a higher TPS. Uploads of less than 100 KiB are currently free on Node 2.

Nodes maintain separate balances; fund the node you intend to upload to.

Does Irys offer free uploads?

Yes. Uploads below 100KiB are free on Node 2 only. This is a public good for users to be encouraged to try Irys.

What is the difference between Irys and WebIrys classes?

The Irys class is used for server-side apps and WebIrys is used when building with Irys in the browser.

How do I use WebIrys in a create-react-app project?

Follow this tutorial.

Can I host a website using Irys?

Yes. You can host static websites. We have a tutorial on how to do it here.

Is it possible to assign an API key to a funded Irys account so that I can pay for my client's uploads?

No, but we do support gassless uploads.

Which Ethereum Testnet is supported on Devnet?

Sepolia (opens in a new tab).

Are Irys nodes rate-limited?

There is no limitation on the number of requests from one IP to a node.

Is it possible to know an upload’s id before uploading?

Yes. You can create/sign/upload transactions in multiple steps.

What is the format of the transaction id?

It is 32 bytes base64url encoded.

Is there an expected max/min length of a transaction id?

43 bytes.

Is there a max size limit for an upload?


How soon after I upload data is it available for download?

Our optimistic cache makes it available instantly.

Where can I see my data before it gets seeded onto Arweave?

As soon as your upload is complete, the data can be requested from a gateway.